The name of Stamp’s Lane Restaurant comes from a street in the West End of St. John’s Newfoundland. The street was named Stamp’s Lane because the lane ran through a large farm owned by the Stamp family prior to 1950. The area of the farm was rural at the time and eventually became more urban and has since been incorporated into the west end of the city of St. John’s.
Will Smeaton is the great-grandson of the owner of the farm. During his many visits to St. John’s, Will has enjoyed the local food in many of the restaurants.
Will had an early interest in cooking and would help his mom in the kitchen at every opportunity. When he decided to become a chef, he told his mom that he would name his first restaurant Stamp’s Lane Restaurant. When Will discussed his idea for the name with family and friends, everyone also loved the name and Stamp’s Lane Restaurant was born!

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Seasonality and support of our local community are central to our philosophy at Stamps Lane. We’re passionate about cooking with local, seasonal ingredients and love how they can inspire new dishes. Not only do fresh, in-season ingredients enhance flavour, they are also great for you and their consumption minimises impact on the environment.


A love for the surrounding land and ocean is the underlying source of inspiration for our seasonal menus at Stamps Lane. Our seafood is harvested fresh from the waters. Herbs and garnishes are foraged. See our menu.


Stamp’s Lane offers a varied menu but focuses on many of the favourite seafood dishes from the east coast of Canada including the Atlantic Provinces and Newfoundland and Labrador. The menus will change with the season, as is the tradition in many homes of Canada’s East Coast people.